Saturday, 12 December 2009

Picking up the pieces...

So today was a trip up to Lincoln to rendezvous with the parents and pick up three boxes of old model railway stuff. Man was that a trip down memory lane. Most of it dates from the early 70s.

Of note:
  • 1 Hornby 08 shunter with original box
  • 1 green Hornby Dublo EMU (with knuckle couplers) - still recovering from discovering it's actually quite valuable!
  • 1 Hornby BR livery Jinty
  • 1 Triang/Hornby BR livery Deeley 3F 0-6-0 tender. I never found this in a catalogue anywhere back then, and I'm not at all sure where it came from - it dates back to 1966, apparently.
  • 21 assorted wagons, of which half a dozen or more look as though they're worth keeping, and at the very least are good for detailing/weathering practice.
  • 3 very short Triang BR maroon coaches
  • Several Peco Streamline code 100 short radius points
  • Lots of Triang Super 4 track
Still to come is of the order of 20 yards of code 100 wooden sleeper Streamline.

A fair bit of that will be going on eBay - I very much doubt the Jinty and 3F are worth keeping, even repainted and detailed, since the odds on finding space next to that bulky (all the way into the cab!) Triang motor for a DCC chip man enough to handle the power is about zero!

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