Friday, 18 December 2009

More arrivals

Keeping the postman busy this week :D
  • The Mogul, and the rest of the Hornby clerestory and Mainline LMS coaches arrived
  • A bulk lot of a Mainline Patriot in red, some wagons and a couple more coaches (as well as a rebuilt Royal Scot in ugly lined black, which is going back on eBay)
  • Several wagons
  • Bachman Coaler set (57xx, couple of wagons, oval of track) - nice cheap way of getting a pannier tank, though it does need re-liverying to pre-'35 from "GWR"
  • Copper cap to replace the missing one on my 2721
  • RA Cooke GWR track plans section 63 (covering Craven Arms)
  • one set HMRS GWR Pressfix transfers.
Still to come are a few more wagons, and I have my eyes on an LMS Jinty (probably the Hornby Railroad one rather than the Bachmann) and a small Prairie.

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