Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Locos on the Marches Line

Having had a bit of a trawl around various shed lists, photo archives etc, it's plain to be seen that there's a lot of potentially interesting locos to be seen... Here's a by no means complete list:


  • Shrewsbury shed
    •   Saints
    •   Stars
    •   43xx (lots)
    •   56xx
    •   ROD 2-8-0
    •   Dean Goods (lots)
    •   1016, 2021, 57xx class Pannier
    •   Bulldog
  • Wellington/Wenlock sheds
    •   2721 Pannier
    •   58xx
    •   517 class
  • Hereford shed (in addition)
    •   Aberdare
  • LNWR Webb coal tank
  • LNWR Cauliflower
  • LNWR Webb 0-6-0ST
  • LNWR Prince of Wales
  • LNWR Prince of Wales tank
  • LNWR Super D/G1/G2
  • 3F 0-6-0 (Johnson/Deeley)
  • Fowler 2-6-4T
and I'd guess at LNWR Experiments, 17" Goods, Precursors, Claughtons, etc... not a lot of info on what of the LMS (Fowler, Hughes, early Stanier) classes were about. Bear in mind we're only 10 years from the grouping, and the likes of Cauliflowers still have a life ahead of them...

Bishop's Castle Railway
  • No 1 (essentially a 517)
  • No 2 (Kitson 0-6-0)

Sunday, 11 November 2018

So, here's the current track plan

Subject to a bit of fiddling in the area of the passing loop, of course.

Designed for the new Peco code 75 bullhead, assuming they do eventually produce a single slip!

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The master plan

Might as well get this down somewhere as plans start to solidify :D

After discussion with my likely partner in crime, we're shooting for the original (wow, how far back was that?) idea I had.

Onnybrook Junction will be set between Craven Arms and Marsh Farm Junction: it's a smallish through station on the LMS/GWR joint line from Hereford to Shrewsbury: the date is late summer 1934 (with a tiny bit of leeway to allow me to run a 4-4-0 County (all of which were scrapped by 1933). Track plan to follow (it's on the other computer) but basically it's typical of that line in that it's two through platforms, and then a refuge siding on one side, and a loop and some goods sidings on the other, and the classic crossover with single slip feeding the loop. We don't yet have space for a full oval, but we do have a lot of length, so currently it'll be about 15' with a fiddle yard either end.

Someday, I may yet have a go at Craven Arms and Stokesay, but, as they say, This Is Not That Day.