Saturday, 12 December 2009

Loco wishlist

Just, mostly, to get it down somewhere:
  • Jinty (Onnybrook station pilot)
  • G2 0-8-0 (South Wales line coal trains)
  • 45xx small Prairie (Wenlock branch)
  • 28xx 2-8-0 (Heavy goods traffic)
  • Dean Goods and/or a 2251
  • Fowler 4F (goods)
  • Deeley 3F (this'll probably have to be a kit, since the Triang one is just... ick.)
  • Compound 4-4-0 (suburban passenger)
  • Hall (express passenger/goods)
  • County 4-4-0 (the Hawksworth 4-6-0 is well out of period!)
  • One or more of Jubilee, Patriot, Black 5, 8F 2-8-0, parallel boiler Royal Scot -erm, I seem to have bought a Patriot in a bulk lot of stuff on eBay...

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