Friday, 12 March 2010

Or.... (what, me? indecisive)

... I wonder if I could fit Much Wenlock in 10' or 12' of scenic baseboard?

The main problem is it would restrict the number of rooms in this house I could built it in. Longville would fit along one wall of one of the (several) 12'x12' rooms here including its fiddle yards. Much Wenlock is markedly longer - it's actually two stations separated by a couple of hundred yards, for all practical purposes, as the old one became the goods yard when the new one was built.

Longville has two problems:

  • It's positively dead in terms of traffic and loco availability - 3 passenger trains a day! 
  • It slopes the wrong way! If you look at the diagram in the previous post, the terrain actually slopes down from bottom to top (being as how it's on Wenlock Edge!). Which would mean that ideally you'd want to view the layout from the top... which means the buildings block line of sight on half the track.
However, on the plus side:

  • It's only four points, and is nice and small.
As far as Much Wenlock goes, on the other hand:
  • Much more traffic
  • No real slope, although the south/west bound line to Presthope is usefully at the back of the layout and raised a little.
  • Has a proper engine shed and goods shed.
  • It looks like it really needs 12', which restricts me to the outbuildings or the library, by the time I've added 3' of fiddleyard either end.

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